Great Western Runners

At the 2009 AGM of Great Western Runners it was agreed that the Club should set up a fund called The Arthur Dagger Memorial Fund (ADMF) in memory of Arthur Dagger who died in 2008.

He was one of the longest standing members of Great Western Runners, a stalwart who had been on the club’s committee for many years and who worked tirelessly for more than a quarter of a century on behalf of the running community in the Bristol area. He especially had a track record in supporting young people in their running.

The Fund’s Mission is to support young people in Avon to develop their talents and improve their competitive running.

Our objectives:

  • We want to build on young people’s participation and enjoyment of running.

  • We want to ensure young people receive the best teaching, coaching and resources possible and have the chance to progress if they show talent.

  • We want to help young people to live healthy and active lives and to be the best they can be in their chosen event.

  • We want to support young people whose financial disadvantages may restrict their potential to fulfil their talents.

  • In 2010 nine young athletes were awarded grants.

Applications from people who seek small grants from the fund are now welcome for consideration, based on the criteria listed below:

  • They should be aged between 13 & 23

  • They must live in Avon area

  • They should be from the young person themselves

  • They should still be in fulltime, or further / higher, education or training

  • They should be supported by teacher, running club or coach

  • If under 17, a parent/guardian’s support for application needed

An application form asks applicants:

  • To say something about themselves, especially their athletic achievements, what they hope for in the future, and any other sporting or academic ambitions

  • How much money are they applying for

  • Whether any matching funding has been applied for

  • What they’ll spend it on? (e.g. training, travel, specialist equipment, coaching, etc)

Grants will be available for sums up to £250 and can be applied for to be spent on a range of needs such as training, travel, specialist equipment and coaching.

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