Great Western Runners

Following rejection with the ballot, the Jubilee Sailing Trust had a spare charity place after their runner dropped out due to an injury. The Jubilee Sailing Trust is a unique charity that takes mixed ability crew to sea on life changing voyages. They have two tall ships Lord Nelson and Tenacious, both equipped with for example talking navigational steering systems (for blind and visually impaired crew to steer the ship), Braille engraved on the handrails, wheel chair lifts between decks, wheelchair friendly bowsprits).

So I thought maybe a barefoot challenge was in order. I contacted Guinness World records and after some weeks they said there was actually a record set by some Ethiopian in the 2000 Olympics, it just hadn't been documented! They suggested running as a Gorilla....and that got me trawling through what actual records are out there!

I came across the fastest female in a wedding dress which was 4:11 and thought I can beat that so officially applied. Many weeks later whilst approving my application they informed me the record is now 3:41 - yikes - by now I had told people I was running the marathon in a wedding dress.

Next task was to get a photo to them for verification purposes....which I managed to do on 7th March on board Tenacious whilst doing voluntary maintenance. Finally Guinness World Records have come back to me today (7th April) to say that my starting pen has changed to green so that I'm with the other record merry makers and good for age athletes like.... Lucy Ellis - my new pacemaker! Go Lucy go!

Watch out for us on TV!!

If you would like to support this great charity please follow this link:  

Thank you

Barefoot Gorilla Camilla xx