Great Western Runners

Saturday 3rd November was the second Gloucester League fixture, Pittville Park in Cheltenham.  It was a chilly bunch of people in the convoy of cars departing BLTSC late morning.

Pittville Park is on first sight an unlikely cross country venue as it appears to be quite a small town park behind the leisure centre.  However, it manages to   wrap itself around the back of the building, throw in a stream crossing, a stream-side walk and a couple of rugby pitches before sending you huffing back up the hill for your next 3k lap.

Today we had Tom Fairman having his first attempt at cross country (John Hargreaves son so expectations were high) Cat Mills was back for another go as were Steve Blakeney and Liam Scanlon, Lucy Ellis has also come along to remind herself that she actually quite likes getting muddy.

A brisk and freezing ladies race, the cold water of the stream literally stopping people in their tracks was thoroughly enjoyable but not as much fun as wrapping up warm and heading back over to the far side of the water to watch the men stagger up the bank.

The results ran as follows:

Senior Ladies: Lucy Ellis, Emma Oughton, Cat Mills, Veronica Ford, Taryn Talbot

Senior Men: Phil Chan, Steve Blakeney, Tom Fairman, Liam Scanlon, John Hargreaves, Terry Fenton, Chris Bennett, Steve Proud.

This now means we have managed to run two Gloucester Leagues with full teams for the first time in ages which is brilliant news and such an encouraging start to the season.

After failing to bake for the previous race I made a batch of double chocolate cookies and took them along - no idea how they tasted as they were gone by the time I got back with my tea! Veronica made flapjacks too so no one went away peckish.

I have already decided what to cook for next week, here's a preview....