Great Western Runners

So, the morning of 6th October dawned bright and clear, a good day for the start of the 2012/2013 Cross Country season which this day involved a trip to the Cotswold Farm Park.  Those of you familiar with the BBC's Countryfile programme will know this as Adam's farm, a fact which my Mum gets very excited about every year!

On the day we had a Senior Ladies team - including a brand new recruit, Cat Mills who literally joined the Club that week in order to race and a Male Masters team - quite an unusual occurrence.  The races went well, everyone seemed to be happy with their performance as the first run out of the season is always a bit of a shock to the system.

The results ran as follows:

Senior Ladies: Emma Oughton, Cat Mills, Veronica Ford, Taryn Talbot

Male Masters: Phil Chan, John Hargreaves, Terry Fenton, Steve Proud, Chris Bennett.

Well done to Cat for her first Cross Country, she has a very healthy competitive streak which will undoubtably come in useful as the season progresses.

Now, most importantly to the subject of cake of which I made great claims in trying to encourage people along....

On the day I had failed to allow time to bake so had to go with what had not been hoovered up by peckish teenagers in the house.  To this end, the Ladies team ended up sharing a rather chunky piece of Nigella's cherry and almond loaf - it was not a huge amount of cake but at least there was something to eat post-race.  

Sadly, by the time the men had finished so had the cake - must take more next time...