Great Western Runners


Following the Christmas Lights Run – which was one of wettest, windiest club runs of 2013 – another successful fun(d)raising Quiz and Raffle n evening on 18th December was held.

Thirteen teams competed for the first prize of Easy Runner vouchers. It was again, as in 2012, a close shave for 1st place.  Congratulations to The Soggy Santas who won with 50 points followed closely by Four under Par with 48 points.

 GWR quiztastics are reminded that the winning team this time round contained exactly the same personnel as in 2012 (then named Super Slow Sixes).  But no stewards’ enquiry was requested!


GWR members contributed brilliantly to the raffle which made over £100.


Thanks to everyone who brought prizes, to Audrey and Angela for managing raffle ticket sales and to Hilly for her sterling assistance as quizmaster’s right hand woman. 

A total of £154 was raised.